CAM4675.1In southeast Australia at Lake Crackenback the ITU Crosstriathlon World Championship takes place as end-of-season competition for the cross-triathletes. Among the starters will be also Team Germany.

Two-time German Champion Jens Roth, Anna-Pauline Saßerath and her brother Maximilian Saßerath are heading Down Under as well as three more athletes of this year’s Vogtland Challenge. All of them are competing on the spectacular track that starts with 1.5 km swimming in the Lake Crackenback. Afterwards the athletes face the physically challenging 32.8 km MTB course before the final 10 km run that offers a few special features. Besides some exhausting grades the athletes have to climb over rocks and pass smaller rivers.
We keep our fingers crossed and wish all German athletes good luck.
If you like to get more information about the race go to the DTU website.
End-of-season in Down Under