Springtime is finally here!!!

While all of you are probably right in the middle of training for the upcoming season, we are already busy preparing the next Vogtland Challenge on 8th September 2018.

Eventually we are facing the first nice spring days and we took the chance to take a look at the MTB tracks since last winter was pretty stormy from time to time. And yet we were pleasantly surprised about the good state of the tracks, which were already quite dry. Also the ground workers did a nice job in cleaning up the trails so that they are already completly accessible.

This means nothing stands in the way for a nice training session on the course in the beautiful landscape of the “Weidatal”, which experienced also the head of the administration office Jacqueline Roßkopp. You see she is taking some torment to be up-to-date for you all the time.

We wish you good luck for the season and look forward to your registration!

Track inspection with beginning of spring