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Elsteraue 6
Bad Köstritz

Time keeping / evaluation:



Elsteraue 6
Bad Köstritz


According to § 6 of the organizer and sponsor order by the German Triathlon Union (DTU) Judges are built by the employed referees. At day of competition, the personnel will hang out at the information board at the administration.


Hans-Peter Bischoffoverall director
Matthias Vogelathletics director
Andrea Matthesaward ceremony


According to § 7 of the organizer and sponsor order by the German Triathlon Union (DTU) the arbitration is built for the race. At day of competition, the personnel will hang out at the information board at the administration.

Event area:

Outdoor area at the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda
Bauerfeindallee 1
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes

The currently available athlete guide is the complete and relevant athlete guide for XTERRA Vogtland and the Thuringian Championship in crosstriathlon for age groups and juniors 2018.

Races / Distances

The competition will be passed on the XTERRA Vogtland-Trail.

Swim 1.55 km
2 laps / triangle course, each lap is 750 m

Mountainbike 35 km
2 laps / circuit, each lap is à 17.5 km / Weidatal loop and Weißendorf loop

Trailrun 9.6 km
3 laps / circuit, each lap is 3.2 km

Event schedule

Friday, 7th September 2018

6.00 pm         Opening administration, administration tent in the event area

Saturday, 8th September 2018

7.00 am         Opening administration, administration tent in the event area
9.30 am         Start of Check-in, transition area I and transition area II
10.40 am       End of Check-in, transition area I and transition area II
11.00 am       Start XTERRA Vogtland
1.00 pm         Start Nachtigall pasta party
1.45 pm         Flower ceremony for the winners
3.30 pm         Award ceremony 

3.00 pm         Award ceremony

Preliminary times; may still change before the event.

Conditions of participation

Age groups / ratings

NameAG m / fYear of birth
Individual rating
   Thuringian Championship
Juniors18 – 192000 – 1999 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
AG 120 – 241998 – 1994 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
AG 225 – 291993 – 1989 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
AG 330 – 341988 – 1984 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
AG 435 – 39 1983 – 1979 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 140 – 44 1978 – 1974 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 245 – 49 1973 – 1969 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 350 – 54 1968 – 1964 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 455 – 59 1963 – 1959 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 560 – 64 1958 – 1954 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 665 – 69 1953 – 1949 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3
Seniors 770 – 74 1948 – 1944 Place 1 – 3 Place 1 – 3

Minimum age for participation:              18 years of age or year of birth 1999

DTU license

In the Thuringian Championship, only athletes with a valid DTU license by a Thuringian club will be classified. The license number has to be stated at the registration.

The same conditions apply for the rating in the 3Cup-Thuringia, a valid DTU license by a Thuringian club is obligatory.

Day license

A day license is required to participate and classify in the XTERRA Vogtland, if the athlete has no DTU license.

XTERRA Vogtland
For the individual race XTERRA Vogtland an overall rating and age group ratings take place.


All participants of the XTERRA Vogtland get points for the XTERRA GERMAN TOUR 2017.

Under you can find all races of the tour 2017 and learn more about the rating system.

Thuringian Championship

For the Thuringian Championship an overall rating of the places 1 to 3 takes place and as well an individual rating of the places 1 to 3 of all age groups, for women and men.


The rating for the 3Cup-Thuringia takes place according to the determined rating system. Learn more about the rating system under


The following registration options are possible:

Online registration at, from 1st January 2017
Registration via mail, when the athlete guide is published

Online registration

Our reliable timekeeping partner TrialogEvent implements the online registration. With a click on the Button “Registration“, you leave our website and will be forwarded to the online registration for our event on
TrialogEvent is responsible for content and privacy of the online registration.
If you got technical questions to the online registration please contact:, Christian Storm.

Registration via mail

Send your registration via mail tot he following address:

SPORTS LIVE Bischoff            Phone:  036605 – 99150
Elsteraue 6                             Fax:  036605 – 99151
07586 Bad Köstritz                e-Mail:

The completed form applies.

Certificate of registration
After completing the online registration a confirmation mail is send to the email address with all collected data and the payment details.
The registration is completed when we received the accurate registration form and the entry fee. If everything is complete the athlete will be enabled in the participants list with a green tick. The participants list will be published on
The entry fee has to be transferred within a week after the registration. Otherwise the starting place can lapse.

Closing date

Closing date will be 31st August 2018, 23:59 Uhr
if we reach the limit of 200 starters each race.

Late registration is possible at the registration office on site:

Friday, 7th September 2018         6.00 – 8.00 pm
Saturday, 8th September 2018     7.00 – 9.30 am


Payment of the entry fees takes place:

For online registrations

– per direct debit by TrialogEvent, right away after the registration.
– per transfer to the organizer, within a week after the registration

       The date of the value date on the account below applies.
If required, a copy of the transfer voucher has to be provided.

For registration via mail

– per transfer to the organizer, within a week after the registration

       The date of the value date on the account below applies.
If required, a copy of the transfer voucher has to be provided.

Bank account of the organizer                                reason of payment 
Account holder:   SPORTS LIVE Bischoff                 1st line      Vogtland Challenge
Institute:             Sparkasse Gera Greiz                   2nd line     Last Name, First Name
IBAN:                  DE61 8305 0000 0000 0564 13
BIC:                     HELADEF1GER

Entry fees

Registration and payment from 1st January 2018 until 31st May 2018                50.00 Euro
Registration and payment from 1st June 2018 until 31st August 2018                60.00 Euro
Late registration on site at 7th and 8th September 2018                                     65.00 Euro

The late entry fee has to be paid in cash on site.

Day license                                                                                                           16.00 Euro

For all online registrations, the T-Shirt of the Vogtland Challenge 2018 is inclusive.

Administration / Handing out starting documents

The administration is situated in the festival tent, proximately in the event area
At this point, the starting documents are handed out and the late registrations take place.

Opening hours administration:       Friday, 7th September 2018       6.00 – 8.00 pm
                                                        Saturday, 8th September 2018   7.00 – 10.00 am

Race details

Triangle shaped course, each lap 750 m – 2 laps

Highly visible buoys highlight the swimming course at the Zeulenroda Sea. Wearing the swimming cap provided by the organizer is mandatory.

Circuit, each lap 17.5 km – two laps need to be ridden
The circuit contains of the Weißendorf loop and the Weidatal loop.
The tracks lead alongside the river Weida and Weida dam.
The tracks lead over asphalt (<5%), paved paths (ca. 30%), natural trails and paths (ca. 50%) and forest and meadow paths (ca. 15%).
The organizer controls the laps via transponder.
The track is considered as challenging.
On the MTB course, helmets are mandatory for all participants.

Starting the second bike lap athletes can get a water bottle at the transition zone II.

According to § 88 of the DTU sports order:
At championship races it is mandatory to ride a MTB (maximum 29 inch) without handlebar attachment and with a minimum tire width for the MTB of 1.5 inch.

Time limit
To guarantee a smooth development the following times are determined:
At the latest 2.15 hours after the race started, the athlete needs to have completed the swimming part and the first MTB lap. Otherwise, the participant will be guided to the transition zone and is able to finish the race outside of the official judging.

Trail run
Circuit, each 3.2 km – 3 laps need to be run
The running track is strongly profiled and is leaded along the finish area. According to the race, the track has to be run one or two times. There is a lap indication for the completed laps. At two places along the running track, water will be served as refreshment.

The route plan and an elevation profile are published on the website On day of competition, the route plan will also be published at the information boards of the event.


There will be a short briefing at the swim start immediately before the race begins. A written briefing will be handed out with the starting documents and will be published on the website of the Vogtland Challenge two weeks before the event.
A detailed Event schedule will also be available on the website at one week before the event.

Transition areas
There are two transition zones for the Vogtland Challenge 2017. Transition zone I where the participants change from swimming to MTB is situated on the road that leads to the beach of the Bio-Seehotel.
Transition II where the participants change from MTB to Trail run is situated 400 m away on the driving range of the golf course in parallel with the Bauerfeindallee. Immediately after transition zone II the finish area is situated

The athlete sets up his transition place in both zones on his own. Prescribed times for transition zone I shall be complied strictly to make sure that there are no interferences with ongoing and following races.

Time keeping / Evaluation

All parts of the race will be registered with interims.
Time keeping happens without contact via active transponders. The organizer provides the transponders. The use of an own transponder is not permitted. The transponder shall be worn at the ankle during the whole competition. Right after the athlete passed the finish line, the transponder has to be handed in. The bike can just be handed over if the transponders was handed in. Athletes who had to drop out of the race before finishing due to certain circumstances, have to hand in their transponder at the finish line area not later than one hour after the last participant of the race passed the finish line. Otherwise, the athlete will be charged 85.00 Euro.

Directly after finish, the result lists with all interims and the finishing time will be published and continuously updated. The official results are published on at the day of competition.

Weather clause
The organizers and competition directors reserve the right to change the tracks according to the weather conditions or to suspend or even cancel the race due to force majeure.

Award Ceremony
Immediately after finish of the first three participants a flower ceremony takes place at the finish line area. Award ceremonies of all races take place on stage at the event area. The respective times of the award ceremonies will be announced soon.

Participant limit
For every race 200 starting places are available.

Organizer’s services

Full closure of the racetracks and transition zones, Nachtigall pasta party on July 22nd 2017, race organization, technical and medical protection by water safety, fire brigade and German Red Cross (DRK). Association fee, race nutrition, time keeping with interims, fast evaluation and online results, online certificates, award ceremonies for age groups, supply of swimming caps, qualified and entertaining moderation

Nachtigall Pasta Party
On July 22 2017 at 1.00 pm, the “Nachtigall pasta party” takes place at the central event area. All athletes and visitors are welcome to join and eat pasta.
The participants of the Vogtland Challenge do not have any extra costs. The charges for the “Nachtigall pasta party” are already included in the entry fee.

Important notes

The event is based on the competition order (sport order, organizer order, Bundesliga order, AntiDoping code, referee order) as well as the legal order, rules of procedure and disciplinary code by the German Triathlon Union (DTU). These orders can be inspected online at and at the administration on the day of competition.
By participating in the Vogtland Challenge, the athlete accepts the competition order and the release from liability / conditions of participation of the event organizer as mentioned in the athlete guide.

Every participant is personally responsible for the condition and technical safety of his equipment.

All times are subject to correction!

Before the race, every participant shall inform himself in time about the current event schedule and carefully read the briefing given with the starting documents.

Accommodation service

Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda GmbH & Co.KG
Bauerfeindallee 1
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes
Phone: 03 66 28 / 98 – 0
Fax:     03 66 28 / 98 – 100

Tourismuszentrum Zeulenrodaer Meer
Bleichenweg 30
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes
Phone: 036628-48262 oder 987064


Waikiki Thermen- & Erlebniswelt am Zeulenrodaer Meer
Am Birkenweg 1
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes
Phone:  036628-737-0
Email:    ü

Directly at the event area and the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda a limited number of parking lots is available.
In the industrial estate at the Weißendorfer Straße the company Bauerfeind AG offers a sufficient number of parking lots. The distance from the Bauerfeind AG to the event area is about 10 walking minutes.

Please note: If you enter the address in a navigation system please use the old address “Flur Leize 4” because the systems will not recognize the new name of the street “Bauerfeindallee 1” yet.

From the east coming from Dresden:
take highway exit number 58 Gera, via main road B2 onto B92 through Weida towards Greiz on L1083 to Zeulenroda-Triebes

From the north coming from Berlin/Leipzig:
Get off the highway A9 at exit number 26 (Triptis), use the main road B281 through Triptis then use the main road B2 towards Schleiz, from Auma on use L1087 to Zeulenroda-Triebes

From the south coming from München/Nürnberg:
Get off the highway A9 at exit number 28 (Schleiz), use the main road B2 towards Schleiz, then onto B94 towards Greiz to Zeulenroda-Triebes

Medical care
The German Red Cross (DRK) and the water safety ensure the medical care and rescue service.