Track info XTERRA Vogtland




2 laps
triangle shaped course,
each lap 750 m


2 laps
circuit, each lap 17.5 km
Weidatal loop and Weißendorfer loop


3 laps
circuit, each lap 3.2 km

Highly visible buoys highlight the swimming course at the Zeulenroda Sea. Wearing the swimming cap provided by the organizer is mandatory.

The circuit contains of the Weißendorf loop and the Weidatal loop.

The tracks lead alongside the river Weida and Weida dam.
The tracks lead over asphalt (<5%), paved paths (ca. 30%), natural trails and paths (ca. 50%) and forest and meadow paths (ca. 15%).

The track is considered as challenging.
On the MTB course, helmets are mandatory for all participants.

Starting the second bike lap athletes can get a water bottle at the transition zone II.

The organizer controls the laps via transponder.

According to § 88 of the DTU sports order:

At championship races it is mandatory to ride a MTB (maximum 29 inch) without handlebar attachment and with a minimum tire width for the MTB of 1.5 inch.

The running track is strongly profiled and is leaded along the finish area. There is a lap indication for the completed laps. At two places along the running track, water will be served as refreshment.